Secondary 3 students received their first letter from their norwegian penfriends some days ago! They are really excited about meeting teenagers from another country IMG_20151013_121307and exchanging information about topics based on their interests. They are already preparing their second letters.  In the beginning students were a bit afraid of telling about their life to an unknown person, but IMG_20151013_121247motivation and interest in learning how to communicate their ideas and feelings properly have increased after the first contact with penpals. IMG_20151013_121231Now, they are looking forward to having replies from their partners. This eTwinning project called «Improving English by making penfriends and sharing culture» is developed within the new subject «International Relations», which has been recently included in both Secondary 3 and 4 levels. IMG_20151013_121259News about our project in Secondary 4 coming very soon!

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